The Tanto is a traditional Japanese short sword that was primarily used for thrusting, as well as for close-range combat. It has a straight blade that's usually around 15-30 cm in length, with a sharp point and a single cutting edge. The Tanto's handle is usually wrapped in a traditional style of cord, known as tsuka-ito.

The Tanto has a rich history in Japanese culture, and was often used by samurai warriors as a backup weapon to their main katana. It was also used in ritual suicide, or "seppuku", as a means of taking one's own life in a honorable and dignified way.

Tantos come in different shapes and styles, with varying degrees of curvature and point styles. Some of the most famous examples of the Tanto include the "Honjo Masamune," the "Hojoji Tanto," and the "Yanone Tanto." These swords are highly valued and sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts alike, due to their historical significance and exquisite craftsmanship.