The Naginata is a traditional Japanese weapon used by the samurai, particularly by the women in the samurai class. It is a long polearm with a curved blade at the end, similar to a halberd. The Naginata typically measures around 2 meters in length, with the blade itself being around 30-60 centimeters long.

The Naginata was a popular weapon for women because it allowed them to fend off attackers while keeping a safe distance. Samurai women were trained in the use of the Naginata, and some even became renowned masters of the weapon.

The curved blade of the Naginata allowed for slashing and cutting attacks, while the long polearm allowed for thrusting attacks from a distance. The Naginata was also used for disarming opponents by hooking their weapons or armor with the curved blade.

Today, the Naginata is still used in martial arts and traditional Japanese swordsmanship schools, known as koryu. It is also used in some forms of Japanese martial arts, such as Kendo and Iaido, as a training weapon.