The Ninjato, also known as the shinobi katana, is a Japanese sword that was commonly used by the ninjas in feudal Japan. The blade of the Ninjato is straight and shorter than that of the katana, measuring about 60 to 90 centimeters in length. It was designed to be a versatile and concealable weapon that could be used for both stabbing and slashing attacks.

One unique feature of the Ninjato is its square tsuba, or hand guard, which allowed the user to easily grab the blade and use it for close-quarters combat or as a climbing tool. The Ninjato also has a small curve near the tip of the blade, which can be used for hooking and trapping an opponent's weapon.

While there is some debate among historians as to the authenticity of the Ninjato, it remains a popular weapon in pop culture and martial arts. Many modern martial artists use replicas of the Ninjato in their training, and it continues to capture the imagination of those interested in ninja culture and history.